Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Actions for the Future

It’s time we take a stand; we need to stop the damages being done to the orcas. We need to put an end to capturing orcas because we are threatening their livelihood and chance at survival as a species. We also need to consider the other issues we’re causing: no more over-fishing, no more daming wild salmon—whale’s natural food supply, no more pollution, and no more ferries full of “whale watchers”. We are intruding on the homes of orcas. It’s time we defend these incredible creatures—before they become extinct by our hands.

Instead of holding the animals in captivity we can develop sea sanctuaries where the whales would be allowed to interact with humans by creating an ocean cove and then the whale would be allowed to live out their lives in a dignified and sustainable manner. The idea is that people should pay to watch a killer whale be a killer whale instead of paying to see a killer whale be a gymnast.

Erica’s article - It is not too late and there is something you can do to help our Orca friends. First minimize plastic bag use, due to the recent findings of plastic resin pellets findings on sandy beaches we know that the pollution exists. A resin pellet is a plastic particle of an industrial raw material that is being transported to a manufacturing site where “user products” (like plastic bags) are being made by re melting and molding into the final product.

Another way to help is to pair up with and support organizations like The Port Townsend Marine Science Center at Fort Warden State Park. There is also The Orca Project, that raises Orca whale awareness throughout the community. And lastly the Plastics Project, and this organization helps keep beaches and the ocean plastic bag free. By joining with others in the work who have the knowledge to help the Orcas, it could really make a difference.

Knowledge is a powerful thing, and by educating and informing ourselves on what actions we can take to help the orcas we have the ability to make significant changes. There are a variety of educational programs (for students, and younger children), as well as teacher workshops, and even orca friendly cruises! We can obtain good habits that will not only be good for our future but also for the Orca whales.  Orca whales can teach us a lot about our environment, our family, and our livelihood. We need to learn from them and help save them and at the same time save our planet.  It starts today with every individual making an effort to fix our environmental

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